Nyack College: New York City Campus

Nyack College: NYC Campus
Battery Park Place, New York, NY
190,000 Square Feet

photos by Wing Wong, Memories TTL, LLC

Renovation of seven and a half floors of an office building in Lower Manhattan to house the New York City Campus of Nyack College. The program included classrooms, computer labs, science labs, music practice rooms, a choral performance space, a flexible public assembly space, a library, a student lounge and faculty and administrative offices and support spaces.

Services included test plans for several building sites, programming, space planning, interior architectural design, and selection of all interior finishes, lighting, furniture and fabrics.

Project challenges were to create a distinctive branded environment for the school within many contiguous floors of an office building. Working within the confines of the existing structural system, a tight budget dictated by the building landlord, and solving acoustic issues inherent within the music education program led to creative design solutions. The music program was located on the top floor of the building to eliminate the opportunity of sound disturbance to other floors, and the Choir Room takes advantage of the magnificent river view towards the Statue of Liberty. The colorful floor pattern used on each floor is reminiscent of the stained glass colors in the college founder’s original seminary chapel and unifies the college’s presence in the building across the many floors. The fabulous views of the river and Battery Park were given over to generous corridors that incorporate counter tops with computers for student use and a generous oval-shaped lounge exists on each floor that echoes the college’s dedicated entrance on the first floor.

Completed in collaboration with Vincent Martineau Architect

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